Working with Us (Employment) Is Different

We support choice in the work/life balance and value our people, and our compensation structure, culture, and team perspective reflects this.

Flexible Compensation Structure?

We have an awesome compensation structure. Since our firm was founded to be more favorable to its professionals, we have a base pay. Are you good at managing your time? We’ll give you a bonus based on the client time you do. Are you efficient? If you work on a 20 hour client project but only spend 10 hours, we’ll pay you for 20 hours anyways. We don’t like public accounting because when the staff works a million hours, it makes the partners rich, and when the staff is really efficient, it makes the partners rich.

We’re intentionally changing our industry.

Flexible Work?

While initial time will mostly be in the office working with us so the professional may learn our systems, processes, and the little finesse we add to everything we do to increase refunds, and decrease tax and risk. After that, the new professional will be given a lot of flexibility to work from home or from any of our 9 offices throughout the Twin Cities.

Our last new hire noted she thought it was different when our scheduler called her and asked, “When do you want to work next week?”

We don’t need you to drive in rush hour traffic. We value your time.

We’re intentionally changing our industry.

Team perspective?

You’ve heard the work hard/play hard motto. That’s all good, but let’s raise the bar. Why just play hard when we can play awesomely? Instead of have an outing to a bar, which I’m sure we’ll do, let’s mix it up. Our professionals have to option to join as we got to improv, attend community events, go to social events, or other outings.

We’re intentionally changing our industry.


Current Opportunities

Tax & Accounting Specialist

Join us as you learn and perform the highest quality tax and accounting tasks. Right from the start, we’ll allow you to participate in client meetings, prepare tax returns, develop tax strategies, and learn how to see opportunities for potential tax savings.


Job Information:

  • Half-time salary plus incentive pay, transitioning to full-time for time right candidate, or wages if desired
  • Work during school year and summer
  • Flexible around educational or personal time / family commitments
  • Flexible location, including locations on LTR or from home
  • Start date is immediate but may be flexible for right candidate
  • Apply no later than May 31. Earlier applications may have earlier interview date and better chances.


Job Activities:

  • Assist in preparation of tax returns for various business-types and individuals
  • Attend and participate in client meetings
  • Assist in bookkeeping service
  • Assist in payroll service
  • Network


Experience gained:

  • Learn how to navigate many tax rules
  • We will provide hands-on training and classroom-style training
  • Learn about accounting industry/business of public accounting
  • Enhance any professional skills that have room for enhancement
  • Learn how to apply accounting and tax concepts to real life and client situations
  • Build confidence communicating with clients


Minimum qualifications:

  • Accounting Education through Intermediate Accounting 1 completed
  • Technology savvy, including Excel, Google, and Adobe
  • Motivated and capable of learning
  • GPA of 3.0
  • Accounting degree or candidate for accounting degree
  • Friendly, professional demeanor


Preferred qualifications:

  • Completion of tax course
  • Completion of accounting degree
  • CPA or able to sit for CPA exam
  • Gregarious, enthusiastic demeanor
  • GPA of 3.4


To Apply:

  • Send resume, unofficial transcript (if student or less than 3 years of experience), and cover letter to
  • Cover letter should be no more than a simple paragraph telling why candidate is a good fit or wants this opportunity.

For questions, contact