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Tax Authority Notice
New clients often come to us because they receive a notice from the IRS or from a state tax authority such as the Minnesota Department of Revenue.
A letter from the IRS can seem frightening, demanding, and even a bit threatening. As professionals who have seen hundreds of these letters, we can tell you what the letter means and why it was sent.
Some letters are simply routine communications sent by a computer. For these letters, a taxpayer simply needs to send a response that doesn’t raise any flags, thus the routine letter has a routine solution. We prepare our tax returns to avoid these routine letters, because they take your valuable time and cause needless anxiety.
We've Got Your Back
Other times, the IRS may have a bigger concern, and that also means you may have a bigger problem. In cases where there’s a bigger problem, we will stand between you and the IRS. Larger issues can result in having to meet with the IRS by phone or in person. In these situations, our professionals will prep you and do most of the talking. The IRS encourages its agents to be terse and ruthless. The stories you’ve heard are often true, as this direct, unyielding approach can be very effective.
There are operational guidelines and enforceable rules to which IRS agents must adhere. We know the rules and have enforced them, so having one of our professionals at your side will ensure that the agents don’t step out of line.
In fact, the IRS once released a bank levy after one phone call from our founder, Justin Sundberg. That’s how good we are.
Making the Difference
Because he can make a significant difference, typically thousands of dollars, all of our tax authority cases are handled directly by Justin. Unique problems require unique solutions, and Justin excels at thinking outside the box while adhering strictly to the Internal Revenue Code.
We will do the utmost to minimize your tax, interest, and penalties, and we’ll get the IRS off your back.
Be Timely
Because the IRS values responsiveness, we suggest contacting us as soon as possible.
To get started, or to find out everything about your letter, email us at, Call Us or Text Us at (651) 689-4789, Send us a Facebook Message, or fill out the form.
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