Sundberg Tax & Consulting was started by Justin Sundberg. Justin began his career by working for a [tipsy content=”The four largest audit and tax public accounting firms in the world. These firms have an excellent reputation for developing individuals into successful professionals and giving them the work habits that allow for a fruitful career.” group=”13″ use_oembed=”false” ]Big Four accounting firm[/tipsy]. After learning the best work-product techniques and the best tax methods, including the ability to see tax opportunities, Justin began working at some of the smaller firms in the Twin Cities market to work with smaller businesses, something that has been a passion since he began his entrepreneurship studies.

When working with smaller tax firms, Justin brought opportunities for additional deductions to management’s attention that would benefit the firms’ clients. While the senior managers were familiar with the deductions, they tended to ignore them, claiming that they were immaterial. Justin asserts that small businesses should use every possible advantage in the tax law, and he developed processes to efficiently use these advantages.

This experience led to the forming of Justin D. Sundberg, CPA LLC, which operates as Sundberg Tax & Consulting.

In practice, Sundberg Tax & Consulting was able to amend a tax return that had been inaccurately prepared by another service. Just by correcting the return, we were able to secure over $10,000 of deductions that had been overlooked. By also electing a tax accounting method commonly used by Fortune 500 companies, we added over $12,000 of deductions. This is just one example of the extent of our knowledge of the tax laws and of our dedication to our clients.

This is how we are different.