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Small Business Solution
Making business easier
By offering a multitude of tax and accounting services, we make sure our clients have the knowledge to take their business in any direction.
Creating Stability
Allowing focus
Exceptional service ensures that our clients can work in a stable environment to thrive by their own passion and skill without spending time on compliance or business environment hindrances.
Tailored Level of Service
Different clients have different needs
We tailor our service level and depth to the needs of our clients without compromising product quality.
Meet Justin
Managing Tax, Accounting, & Business Consultant
Justin Sundberg is the founder, head, and heart of Sundberg Tax & Consulting. Justin is a Certified Public Accountant, has a Master of Business Taxation degree from the Carlson School of Management, and has a strong background in business start-ups and small businesses. After gaining experience, knowledge, and advanced tax & accounting expertise from one of the most widely used and well-respected accounting firms in the country, plus experience at some smaller ones, Justin founded his own practice.

Justin was recognized for his entrepreneurial excellence and diligence by the University of St. Thomas. He also has experience as a controller, developing the accounting processes and infrastructure for many small businesses.

By creating almost all of his firm processes from the ground up, Justin ensures that his firm provides top-quality services in an efficient manner in order to help small businesses.

Superior Professional Service


While doing top notch returns:

Our industry is focused on the tax return for last year’s profit. We utilize last year’s information and the Tax Code to get the best result possible. We don’t stop there. We consider this year and next year, and we advise out clients so they may realize long-term tax reduction and long-term business success.

Simple to Save Money

Tax Process – Easy for our clients

Our clients understand their taxes, and we explain it without overusing complex-sounding jargon. By understanding the rules relevant to them, our clients are better able to communicate and provide the information we need to maximize their deductions and minimize their IRS Risk . This saves them time and money.


Entrepreneurs at heart. CPAs by licensure.

We think outside the box to develop solutions that are more advantageous than the one-size-fits-all treatment received at other firms.
How we help

Our Services

Innovative for Results, not Risk
Our experience and background allows us to handle even the most complex returns imaginable.
Our innovative approach enables us to look beyond the tax return, get to know our client exceptionally well, and plan for long-term success.
Our unique approach to tax services gives our clients significantly better results.
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Accounting, Payroll, & Other
Doing what takes time
Most clients initially use our tax services, but we also help our clients in many other ways that allows them to focus on their business and not on accounting, payroll, and other administrative, organizing activities that are essential to stay efficient but simply take up time.
Entrepreneurship/Small Business Services
Because not everything should be learned the hard way.
We have a passion for small businesses and love helping them. For this reason, we offer a multitude of services, including Startup Coaching, Growth Coaching, Investor Coaching & Connecting, and Business Detail Analysis Services.
We can also help with things that do not fall into our normal arena because we intelligent and skilled, and we know thousands of people and love helping people.
Venture Capital Services
Getting investors more for their capital.
By using various business and tax techniques, we will get small business investors (angel investors, venture capitalists) materially higher financial payoff by reducing their risk & their investment’s time to break-even, and significantly increasing the ROI on most investment opportunities.
What People Are Saying

Client Reviews

George E. | Executive & Venture Capitalist (but a private person, so off the grid)Dr. Barb Kaiser | Doctor of chiropractic, focused on neurospinal correctionKimAileen White, MA | HR Support | Customized Outplacement | Job TransitionDavid J. Holt | Healthcare & Business Attorney | Patient Advocate | Entrepreneur | Cofounder at miVoyce.comJo Miller, GPC, CSMS | Grant Professional Certified - Federal Grants and Nonprofit ConsultantFuyei Xaykaothao | Associate Director of Programming Development and Partnerships at Saint Paul Urban TennisJennifer Dunn | Experienced Realtor and Public Policy Consultant/ResearcherDavid Dressen | Entrepreneur
My experience with Justin Sundberg started a couple of years ago when I needed an Estate Tax return done in a time crunch situation. With very short notice, Justin was able to have it done prior to the needed date. Since that time I’ve discuss business situations/the tax implications thereof with Justin and had tax returns, both personal and estate, done by him. I like the fact that he does his research well, if there is any question and/or options available, he takes the time and effort to verify the correct options and then fully explain them to you. Justin has the skill of listening, a skill that I’ve found not all accountants have, and a trait that I find critical if one is going to discuss complicated financial matters. I’ve found Justin reliable, thoughtful, timely, accurate and very professional as I trust you will also. |Source
George E. | Executive & Venture Capitalist (but a private person, so off the grid)
Justin has been such a godsend. Between starting a small business in 2009 and getting married, my tax situation was complicated. He found errors on my 2009 return, amended it, AND found a way to accelerate some overhead expenses to increase my deductions. He has saved me and my husband a LOT of money and is always looking for ways that I can improve my bookkeeping. I also like his paperless capabilities, as we can send tax documents electronically and securely. If you want a responsive, well-qualified CPA who provides high quality work for a fair price, call Justin! | Source
Dr. Barb Kaiser | Doctor of chiropractic, focused on neurospinal correction
Working with Justin is always an informative experience. He is committed to sharing his knowledge, money-saving business tips, and expertise as a way of supporting his clients, prospective clients, and his peers. In an otherwise "dry" field of work, Justin has a way of providing tough information in a light, fun way. I enjoy Justin's professionalism and depend on his deep knowledge of the tax system. | Source
KimAileen White, MA | HR Support | Customized Outplacement | Job Transition
Justin is my go-to CPA for start-up and small business needs. He should be yours as well. Justin is as personable as he is professional. I recommend Justin to friends and family without hesitation. | Source
David J. Holt | Healthcare & Business Attorney | Patient Advocate | Entrepreneur | Cofounder at
Justin Sundberg, at Sundberg Tax and Consulting, provides excellent professional services. I have been impressed with Justin's depth of expertise and knowledge regarding small business finances and tax preparation. Furthermore, Justin combines that expertise with his strong drive for customer service and warm people skills. As a client, Justin built my knowledge-base, put me at ease, and gave me clear directions and responses to quickly address complicated issues. Justin's top notch service, genuine and kind personality and his work ethic have earned my loyalty and my recommendation. | Source
Jo Miller, GPC, CSMS | Grant Professional Certified - Federal Grants and Nonprofit Consultant
We hired Justin to help with our business Taxes last year and Justin brought a wealth of experience to the table. He was extremely responsive about all our questions, took his time to understand our needs, and made a huge effort to make sure we were happy with the process. We highly recommend his work and will continue to use his services! | Source
Fuyei Xaykaothao | Associate Director of Programming Development and Partnerships at Saint Paul Urban Tennis
Justin is a fantastic accountant who has taken so much stress out of running my own business. I rely on him for sound accounting advice and direction. He's incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy. And he's fun to work with - how often do you hear that about an accountant?? HIGHLY recommend him! | Source
Jennifer Dunn | Experienced Realtor and Public Policy Consultant/Researcher
I was referred to Justin to help settle an IRS dispute. Hiring him has paid dividends over and over. Not only did he save me 50% on the five digit tax bill, but he also reviewed and cleaned up all my previous years returns, restructured my business to an S-Corp, and now he takes care of my book keeping and payroll. Justin listens to your needs and goals and is knowledgeable and a wide variety of business and tax topics. If you are looking for a long term business relationship with a CPA, I cannot recommend him highly enough. | Source
David Dressen | Entrepreneur
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