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At Sundberg Tax & Consulting, we are startup & small business tax & accounting professionals who specialize in tax planning, tax return preparation, accounting, and business consulting for startups, small & medium businesses, and for individuals.

Small business tax is especially important these days. Each deduction is vital when profit from a small business may be subject to a small business tax rate of 54.9%, and that’s not even including the state tax.

The tax techniques and methods used by the largest companies in America should also be available to small businesses. That’s why we use some of the most advanced methods available in the Internal Revenue Code for small businesses. We also help with planning considerations such as the entity structure of a business, organizing a startup, estimated taxes, and multi-state planning.

We help our clients reduce their taxes as much as legally possible. We will get all the information possible. However, it’s very important to talk to us during the year so we can do more than just find information. We help out clients to plan for long-term tax minimizing.

Beyond tax and accounting services, we assist entrepreneurial clients in developing their business plan, analyzing their industry and market. These services may be done before opening, before business expansion, or as needed by the owner.
At Sundberg Tax & Consulting (SundbergTC), we are passionate about helping businesses and people operate with tax superiority, accounting efficiency, and more entrepreneurial ingenuity.

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